I have now been seeking employment since late last year but as part of my parting package from my employer was access to Right Management, global career experts, to help me find my next role. My first attempt at self help was to attend the first training session with Right Management almost immediately and it was all about career building and finding the right career for me. I found I did not really take much away from this class, in fact I felt frustrated and considerable unenlightened, I felt much the same way about the second session which was done online. I resolved that the whole thing was pointless and I could do it all on my own, which is exactly what I did for the next few months. The end result was applying for over 30 jobs and getting one interview, with lots and lots of emails saying "thanks but no thanks", clearly I was doing something wrong. Christmas came and went, followed closely by the New Year celebrations over which time I looked at myself, I looked at my resume and I looked at my cover letters, they must have left a lot to be desired because they were not getting me in the door. It was time to get off my proverbials and take some positive action. So I got in contact with my consultant at Right Management and made a time to go and see her where I talked frankly about my journey over the last few months and the milestones I had made in my head. It was in that appointment that I enrolled in all those sessions that I had not done last year, resume building, marketing myself, how to do research, developing interview skills, and you know what, I found them really helpful, really interesting and really reinvigorating. I sat and thought about that for a while and realised if your head is not in the right place then it does not matter the value of the information being given to you, it will always be a sow's ear. I am not writing this to be an advertisement for Right Management, although they have been very helpful, I am writing about the need to put yourself in the right frame of mind, the right head space to take in what is being offered to you in the way of help, whatever form that help may take. There may be a time where, no matter what you do, your frame of mind is not going to allow you to accept the information or the help being offered, and that is fine, if you can afford not to take advantage of that help at that time. But there may come a time when you can wait no longer and it is up to you to change your mind set, actively work to move the way you are looking at the world it is then that you can take that sow's ear and turn it into the silk purse.